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Neopaganism Meeting brings National and International researchers together in Fortaleza

On April 16 and 17, The Federal University of Ceará (UFC) will hold the IV Neopaganism Meeting of Ceara. In this edition, the programme includes the presence of researchers both national and international through lectures, workshops and a small fair with mystical products, drum circles, oracles, artistic and cultural activities, and raffles. All the activities are free and will happen from 9:30 to 17:00.

On Saturday (16), Yls Rabelo Câmara, doctor in English Philology by Santiago de Compostela University, opens the programme with the lecture “Morgana versus Ginebra: analysis of the dichotomy amongst the paganism and cristianism representatives in the Celtic world of ”The Mists of Avalon“, and its correlation with the religions and Celtic environment where they are, repositioning female characters under the light of the second feminism wave in the United States.

Continuing with the Saturday programme, professors of the UFC specialized on Culture, Literature and Ancient Greek Philosophy, Professors Maria Aparecida de Paiva Montenegro PhD, Ana Maria César Pompeu PhD and Hugo Filgueiras de Araújo PhD, debate “Myth, Mystery and Magic in Ancient Greece”.

At 13:40, the oraculists will be available to the public for free consultations with tarot, ogham, runes, pendulums and chiromancy. After, Odir Fontoura PhD and master in History by the Rio Grande do Sul Federal University, gives the lecture “A brief history of Paganism”, in wich he approaches the main points of the development of paganism in the western, antiquity, with the classic paganism then throughout the medieval and the Modern Age, from the link between paganism, the occult and history of art, closing with the contemporaneity of the paganism reinterpreted as spirituality.   

To end the Saturday programing, Zéfiro Arthemus and Belenus Rhod, present the workshop “The pulsation of Terra Brasilis”, a redemption of the regional culture, specially the indigenous culture through body painting, making of vernacular musical instruments, music and sacred circle dance.

On Sunday (17), the Neopaganism Meeting of Ceara starts with a drum circle for the cure of the Planet, then, the researcher Thiago Félix and the priest Toth An Khnon give the lecture “Mythology and Yorubá Experience in Wicca”. The approach has the point of present and demystify this group of deities that are so present in the everyday brasilian life but still not so familiar inside Wicca.  

At 10:30, happens the lecture “Mãtronãns, Brigit, Morrígu, Gwenhwyfar – Triple Goddesses of the Celtics”, with the Researcher of Celtic Culture, Ceremonial Magic, Kabbalah, Magic of the Chaos, Hermetism and Oracle practioner Bellouesus Isarno from Rio Grande do Sul. The lecture introduces a brief study od import female deities, worshiped for the Celtics of Gaul, Great Britain and Ireland, focusing on their triplism, one of the distinctive marks of the celtic tradition. 

At 13:30, the holistic therapist and shaman Márcia Abreu gives the lecture and workshop “Circle Dance of the Elements”. Still in the sunday programme, the researcher, High Priestess and coordinator of the International Pagan Federation and Administrative member of the Doreen Valiente Foundation, Isobel Andrade from Portugal, leads the lecture and experience “Elêusis Rites and his Pantheon – from Ancient times to Modern Paganism”.

Closing the IV Neopaganism Meeting of Ceara programme, the Paideia Group, that completes fourteen years of existence in 2016 and is responsible for extension courses on Greek mythology, together with the UFC, gives a lecture on the survival of the Greek Gods and their symbolism today, showing that they are closer than one imagines! The whole programing is free of charge but the clearance is only possible after the registration through the link: 

During the intermissions, there will be several raffles with lots of prizes provided by the participant stands of Encenp. For more information on the lectures, researchers/lecturers and products available on the fair check the event’s Facebook page: 


16/4 (Saturday)

– 9:30 – Opening

– 10h/10:50 - “Morgana versus Ginebra: analysis of the dichotomy amongst the paganism and cristianism representatives in the Celtic world of ”The Mists of Avalon“ - Yls Rabelo Câmara

– 11h/12h – Debate “Myth, Mystery and Magic in Ancient Greece” - Dr. Maria Aparecida de Paiva Montenegro, Dr. Ana Maria César Pompeu and Dr. Hugo Filgueiras de Araújo (Hefesto Aengus)

– 12h/13:40 – Lunch break

– 13h40/14:50 – Oracle Circle

– 15h - “A brief history of Paganism” - Odin Fontoura (RS)

– 16h/16h50 - “The pulsation of Terra Brasilis” - Zéfiro Arthemus and Belenus Rhod

17/4 (Sunday)

– 9h30 – Drum Circle for the Cure of the Planet

– 10h20 - “Mythology and Yorubá Experience in Wicca” - Thiago Félix and Toth An Khnon

– 10h30/12h - “Mãtronãns, Brigit, Morrígu, Gwenhwyfar – Triple Goddesses of the Celtics” - Bellouesus Isarno (RS)

– 12h/ 13h40 – Lunch Break

– 13h40/14h30 - “Circle Dance of the Elements” - Márcia Abreu

– 14h30/15h50 – “Elêusis Rites and his Pantheon – from Ancient times to Modern Paganism” - HPs Isobel Andrade (Portugal)

– 16h/16h50 –  “Greek Gods and their symbolism today“- Grupo Paidea

– 16h50 – Closing


IV Encenp – Encontro Cearense de Neopaganismo

Days: 16 and 17, April 2016

Venue: ICA – Instituto de Cultura e Arte / UFC – Campus Pici (Avenida Humberto Monte, s/n) - Fortaleza – Ceará 

*Next to the University Cafeteria (Restaurante Universitário)